Rally MR7 2007

22 11 2007




5 responses

23 11 2007
tenno rz

hehe..best shot nihhh.. akunye xyah la up yek… hehehe…

23 11 2007

Hi, very nice page … gambar2 you shot memang hebat2.. i dah baca your biodata … what a coincidence.. saya pun 3 beradik, belajar di asrama… awak di MRSM , saya pulak di STF .. hehe …

You really have a great talent in photography … All the best always !

p/s: gambar2 baby you comel la sesangat 🙂

23 11 2007

Ade orang puji melambung atas tu…BUT Your are very talented photographer indeed! Nice work my friend.

Do visit my blog http://mazrulphotoblog.wordpress.com/
Tak leh lawan orang ade dot com…hehehe!

11 01 2008

best giler….mmg profesional….
yg pling best gambar #11…ble nmpk tnh @ batu terpelanting…
bape mm la lensa nie…

WKS Reply : Terima kasih….Masa nie saya gunakan zoom lens tele 70-200mm

14 01 2008

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WKS Reply : Thanks for visiting…….I will visit your site later….

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